I am Rod Gardner an IFA certified Fitness Coach. I have an amazing family dynamic and God-fearing abilities to be great. As a retired NFL professional athlete, who ran 4.37 in a 40-yard dash, I am up to speed on 20 plus years of industry workouts.

As a dedicated fitness professional I have a passion for improving my clients health, wellness and quality of life. The G-Strong brand delivers high-energy training using effective techniques in exercise science, cardio programs and strength training. My professional abilities have made me want to focus on every day health and determination on allowing others to reach their fitness goals.

So I branded G-strong 6 Week Shred Program tailored to make you focus at the gym where everyone can gain their personal best, just like athletes have been doing for years. It is a 6 week training schedule that breaks down aerobic/cardio, weight training and abdominal workouts. Professional certified IFA professional so all my plans come with a nutritional guideline to calculate your calorie Intake and basic meal plans that are easy to follow. G-Strong will help clients master basic functional movements to improve their strength and fitness and to build a foundation for further gains.